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About Us

AGMC is a civils service provider specializing in Property Maintenance & Construction, operating with the specific intent of serving the insurance industry.  Though a fair portion of our clientele are outside the manufacturing sector, packaging and retail sector, AGMC still has its core operations within this Industry.

Our developments within this manufacturing industry had led to the internal structure of our operations & processes to suit the industry better, this includes

  • Standard operational procedures for this manufacturing industrial
  • A team of trade specific certified experts to tend industry specific and packaging
  • Employment of staff with experience within the civil works sector
  • The ability to handle an influx of projects with our vast market and corporate experience
  • 24/7 service for emergency claims & repair work including anytime replacement of Geysers & Plumbing Works

As an civil works service provider, we understand that we are an extended representation of our client’s needs; hence we keep out standards high, deliver within the promised time & provide a level of customer service synonymous to your company branding.

One of the many ways that we ensure this is by using only SABS approved material & matching the exact quality requirements of the insured.

Founded in 2014 by Ganson Govender, AG Maintenance Services (Pty) Ltd. has come a long way from its beginnings in a home office. When AG Maintenance Services (Pty) Ltd. first started out, his passion for Ganson Govender drove him to open his own construction company, and gave him the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming corporate construction company.

We hope you enjoy partnering with us in this journey of our success story. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


AGMC would like to be recognized and as a leading service provider in the field of civil works through our ethical conduct . To achieve this, our core values and operating rhythm must be integrated into everything we do & in every brick we lay.  Which is why we have a non-negotiable code of conduct by which we operate , see below;

Customer Orientation

  • Honest & absolute transparency across the board between our staff and our clients.
  • Respond & reply to our customers & stakeholders with absolute urgency.
  • Deliver a quality solution, within the specified amount of time even if it means working on site around the clock to achieve this
  • Strive for minimal interference to the policy holders daily schedule whilst on site
  • Uphold the name of the insurer at all times & not engaging in any sort of slander or comparison of insurers.
  • Have a 24 hour customer support interface for our Clients via the telephone
  • Administer all business transaction with absolute integrity


  • Usage of SABS approved materials to ensure quality
  • Ensuring our staff are part of training sessions to cause continuous improvement
  • Employment of trade specific skilled labour
  • Take absolute pride in our work
  • Employment of site managers that are quality orientated & who feedback directly to the CEO

Legal Matters & Fine Print

  • Conducting all assessments to the benefit of the insurance and reporting any sort of bribery or claim fraud to the insurer.
  • Using a small assessment team that is directly managed by the CEO
  • Ensure that our work is compliant with all building laws & regulations
  • Use of certified trade experts for sensitive tasks
  • Working within the jurisdiction of the Policy Schedule & Fine Print


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